Why do you need Website monitoring today?

Website downtime will cost a lot of money and affect the reputation of a company.

If your website is the only way to reach your customer, this alert will help you to monitor.

This iAlert system will monitor the traffic of your website and alert you while website down

Benefits of Website Monitoring


First To Act

Know about website outages before your customer knows. Identify the issue and Solve it Quickly


Website Monitoring

Monitor your website Up or Down. Measuring Webpage response time. website monitoring ensures it’s always up and performing to your standards.



Website Monitoring Provides live status of Internet and Server connectivity at every minute


Resource Details

Server resources like Operating system,Hardware details. Live DB status(My SQL,Oracle,Microsoft SQL)



Using Disk Utilization threshold Website Monitoring Alerts you with Disk usage and process memory consumption



Agent & agent-less monitoring both are available, depending on the parameters to be monitored.

How Website Monitoring Helps you?

  • Uptime monitoring
  • Performance optimization
  • Error detection
  • Security monitoring
  • Performance benchmarking

Key Features of Website Monitoring

When Outage Detected Website Monitoring Alerts via sms, mail, phones, Twitter, instant messaging

Configure outage Alerts to Trigger calls with the Specific Intervals. With that you never miss the alerts

Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports of detailed break down performance, Agent Status , Hardware and User Audit Reports

Website Monitoring has Maintenance Mode which comes with the features as you can pause monitoring, Monitoring without incidents, Monitor without Alerts .

Website Monitoring provides Dashboards login access and can check Downtime history details