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Do you know?

According to a recent survey, up to 10% of workers admit to using public network hotspots with work machines.

Grow with security:

As a business grows, it might expand to multiple branches across the country and around the world. The biggest challenge for the enterprise IT organizations is to provide network connectivity to corporate resources while moving across these multiple networks. You can connect your remote branches with a simple internet connection.  But the question is how secure is the connection?

The reality of most small and medium sized enterprises is that many people work remotely. They may work outside office, at home or while on vacation. They are supposed to gain access to central files in order to maintain data accuracy, and ensure the continuity of the organization. But doing so through a public network can make you become the victim of communication hijacking. The network site you are using may be fraudulent and you will probably lose your enterprise critical data in a man-in-the-middle attack.

To get yourself or your employees set up and working from home or remote areas, one has to be able to connect securely to your company’s network. Secure network connectivity is a fundamental requirement for enterprise employees to perform their job.


Fast, reliable and secured connectivity:

iConnect aids sharing servers and other networked resources among multiple offices or branches across the globe.Propel your business with greater productivity and efficiency, by ensuring a cost effective iConnect solution that gives you instant and secured connectivity. iConnect helps you connect your multiple network securely, so that your employees can access files, applications, printers, and other resources on the office network without compromising security.

Also, you might need the IT infrastructure in branch offices to be managed centrally from your corporate head office. iConnect aids you with the critical business data available centrally for management  and reporting purposes.

Access all company data from one location. iConnect also provides you with automated notification about offices connected, so that you can rush up your proactive measures immediately to gain connectivity to the remote branch, which when isolated from your network. You can now have all your critical data, invoices and reports from all your remote branches instantly in your desktop login, with iConnect. Stay connected with iConnect-improve productivity and enhance business efficiency.