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A well-known educational institution for management wanted to create market for their new course and planned for a digital advertisement campaign, investing 1.5 million a day for a week. The campaign was started on the day of board exam results, & a facility was given to students to get their mark sheets mailed to them. This would create more interaction with students and helped them to talk to their target segment directly.

How iAlerts Service helped the Client

To make this campaign a success,the institution had to provide a website that could handle huge number of visitors & with high availability. The traffic was unpredictable and maintaining cent percent website uptime and handling server resources was a difficult task.

Many people tried hitting the site at the same time.“This sometimes caused downtime because we didn’t know exactly when a server/system resource exceeds their threshold.It was really tricky to track out the issues and their appropriate remedies.” says the technical lead. So the institution’s IT team indulged with iAlerts service from TabTree.

Effective, Efficient Monitoring

“We made our campaign a success with TabTree’s iAlerts solution. It was that one fortune SMS (iAlert notification) that made me aware that our website is slowing down. So we proceeded with all the proactive measures to bring back the website speed to its peak again in minutes”, says IT Head.Thus, iAlerts provided 24*7 monitoring of the website by observing the system from remote areas ensuring zero fake alerts.

“With the help of iAlerts monitoring service, we made sure almost 1500 leads per day reached our CRM Database & all these just at the cost of Rs.10/day”, says the Technical team.

“Previously, continuous monitoring of website was really ravaging our manpower, time and cost.  With TabTree’s iAlerts service we feel free with our website performance and never have to worry about downtime. TabTree has brought great value to our institution by allowing us maintain our standards and reputation to be more effective and efficient”, says the technical Head.

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