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Website Security Protects and Secure your website from Malware Attacks, Backdoor Hacks, Redirects Hack,Trojan and other possible Vulnerabilities . Web security scans your whole website , remove the malicious and prevent it from unwanted threats on daily basis.


What is Web Security?

Why Website Security ?

More than 50,000 websites hacked everyday. Your website may have information like customer bank details, Credit card details and other sensitive data

You have to protect your reputation and retain customers. So it is vital to secure your website from attacks.

Protect your website, Application, and visitors against malicious cyber threats. Comprehensive website security that protects & Safeguards your website from malicious cyber threats. This includes protection of Website code and web applications.

Depending on the plan you choose for the website security, you’ll receive daily web scans & reports, automated malware scan removals and vulnerability patching, website & web application firewall to block harmful traffic entering to your site.

Benefits of Web Security

Increase Website Speed


Build your Trust with Visitors

Track Website Status

Enhances SEO


Key Features Of Web Security

Website Scanning

A website scanner checks the site for malicious and harmful cyber threats. If anything harmful is identified, its alerts immediately. A website scanning acts like as an alarm system for the website—when threats or malware enters, it alerts. A website scanning can be done one step ahead by selecting a solution that which automatically fixes issues on the click so we have do not need to worry anymore.

  > Malware  Scanning

  > Spam Scanning

  >  Network Scanning

  > Application Scanning

  > Cross-Site Scripting(XSS) & SQL Injection (SQLI) Scanning

Malware Removal

Website malware removal service automatically cleans malicious content from your website, creates a safest visitor experience. Malware removal is like having an immediate pest control for the Website. If there’s any malware-related issues, it is detected & removed automatically. Malware protection will finds and alerts you to vulnerabilities that could lead to a Concession. Depending on your scanning package and how your site was built, website malware will be removed automatically.

Web Application Firewall WAF

Web application firewall (WAF) protects the website & web applications from the harmful cyber threats, cyber hackers and harm bots. A WAF is act as a force field around the site it only allows the good visitors in and keeps malicious one out of the site. Protects the website application firewall comes with a content delivery network (CDN) proves to accelerate the website loading speed by as much as 50 percent.

Includes a premium content delivery network CDN to optimize & increase website’s speed

Heavy Chances are there Websites can be attacked approximately 90 times a day.

Blocks Harmful bots

Includes Website traffic statistics and reports

Advanced static and dynamic content caching

Heavy Chances are there Websites can be attacked approximately 90 times a day.

Supports SSL enabled sites

Vulnerability Patching

Website vulnerability is a weak in code that cyber criminals can exploit to gain unauthorized access to the website. Website vulnerability scanner easily detects these codes. Once the website vulnerabilities are detected & identified, the vulnerability patching can automatically fix weaknesses in the content management system (CMS) before cyber criminals exploits the website.

Scheduled Daily website vulnerability scanning

Automated malware Scanning & removal

Automated vulnerability patching

Automated security patches protect key contingencies, in themes and plugins, without disturbing the website.

Security patches will be applied automatically to core CMS files

DDOS Protection

A DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack is a malicious attempt to make a the website unavailable by staggering it with the traffics from various sources. DDoS attacks are attacks executed when multiple computers on different networks, called a botnet, send large amounts of data requests to the website. Causes the websites to slow down or to even crash out.

DDoS protection defends the website from DDoS attacks. DDoS protection provides practical web application. With this security, the website have access to advanced visitor identification while never having to worry about site downtime due to malicious attacks.

Automated Blocks network DDoS attacks up to 16bps

Automated Blocks web application level DDoS attacks

Detects DDoS attempts and automatically deploys protections when needed.

Detailed attack reports & Analytics

Extended Validation to the SSL support

PCI Compliance

PCI compliance is a set of security standards used to protect consumers’ credit card data online when they use it in Online. Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) was established in order to help control where cardholder data is stored, processed. The PCI compliance scan product is a fast and easy way to meet PCI requirements. A simplified compliance checklist reduces the number of questions you have to answer by up to 90 percent Issues.