Locky Ransomware



Sounds strange right; but actually not. Locky virus is a new strain of ransomware, which scrambles all your files and makes them encrypted. It even changes your file extension, whatever would your file type be. Once the locky is ready to hit you up for the ransom, you could be lucky to pay up for your files and get your Data Back.

How locky arrives?

Having a habit of opening anonymous mails with catchy stuffs, then know that you are welcoming locky ransome to your network…
Then you must be familiar with messages like: ‘Warning: This document contains macros.’ “Enable macros, if the data encoding is incorrect” “enable editing to view the content”
If you do so, you don’t actually correct the text encoding; instead you are following the hackers’ technological twist to encrypt your files. Once done with this, locky automatically sets up wallpaper with a warning message and a dark page providing the instructions for payment.

This ransomware encrypts the data using RSA-2048 and AES-128 ciphers and direct us to pay as BITCOIN (BTC)

But paying up ransom is not appreciable. Ultimate wrap up of this locky ransomware is harder but we can prevent infection. Follow up to not get encrypted by locky

• Always have an off-site backup
• Never enable macros for content via email
• Configure trusted location
• Keep your system with latest security updates
• Install antivirus software and firewall
• Be cautious towards unsolicited attachments
• Install MS-office viewer (it doesn’t support running macros)
• Have frequent patch ups

Say bye-bye to data encryption locky; feel lucky…

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