Less emails- More Productivity; Few steps to go!!





Studies among the top management and employees of an organization reveal that on an average

  • 24% of the employee time is wasted on unnecessary email. Think about the organization if the same amount of time is wasted by the CEO.
  • 36 times, an average employee checks their email in an hour.
  • It takes 16 minutes to refocus on their work after handling emails.

So let it be the CEO or an average employee, emails suck away our productive time. Don’t let it go!!  Less emails- More Productivity; Only three simple steps to make it possible!!

This was the case in my organization too,  and I dealt with some tools to sort out these issues. These tools really helped to enhance my organization’s productivity.


Shift to secure mail server


We were using one of the most famous mail service providers, but  it receives lots of virus and in turn, those viruses were sending a lot of unnecessary Emails to all users. Then We shifted to our own Linux mail server, which brought down the virus by 93%.

Use of unroll.me


At least 40% of the mail we receive are subscription mails which we have to go through unnecessarily. I found a useful application called unroll.me, which is a true service. It connects to our mailboxes and rolls all the subscription mail to one single mail.So today instead of setting 25 difficult email, I receive all subscription mails as a single mail, which saves my time.

Anti- Spam engine


The usual advice – Make use of an effective anti-spam engine.Does it make a difference?

Oh,Yeah! It makes all the difference in emails.

Implement these simple steps, experience less time wasted on emails.