IT Security-Beyond Anti-Virus



Once you know what the problem is, how can you stop it and prevent it from happening again!! That’s exactly what our IT Security solution aids you with. Everything is simplified with IT Security that aids you identify the possible loopholes in your network and provide you with required security solutions to take control of your enterprise security. So, stay flexible and be free to make wise business decisions, without relying on a particular security platform or dictated course of action that may interfere with your business.

IT Security – Techy combo to proactively detect and block advanced threats

IT Security makes your security complete with the combination of various technologies like ADS, DLP, and UTM. IT Security provides your organization with complete network security and ideal protection. So that you are proactive enough to shoot out the threats before losing your business reputation.

Data Loss Prevention technique(DLP) and Unified Threat Management (UTM) provides the combination of role-based security and a single security system that performs multiple security functions like data loss prevention, network intrusion prevention, network firewalling, and gateway antivirus (AV), content filtering, gateway anti-spam, VPN, load balancing and on-appliance reporting. This prevents confidential or critical information from leaving the corporate perimeter and whilst decrease operational costs. Thus, IT Security will ensure that your network is continually protected at all times.

What we (IT Security) do beyond Antivirus:

Security Policies Review
Database security
Operating system security
Network Access controls
Password Management
Internet Usage
Email controls
Application controls
Physical access (external media) controls
Environmental access control
Backup & restoration control
Business Continuity Plan/Data Recovery Plan controls
Router Controls
Firewall controls
Patch management & cloning control
IT Security- Extended and flexible protection:

TabTree’s IT Security solution safeguards your enterprise at every level, reducing the network security issues by performing an audit and understanding your network. The IT Security vanguards over a range of:

Controlling and monitoring filter configurations in terms of privileges and their use as:
Who can modify
Who modified
When modified
Why modified
Updating filters – as and when required to implement network changes
Installing new software releases
Preventing future attacks that may exploit existing or newly discovered vulnerabilities
Testing filters to ensure that the rules are still working
Configuring antivirus software for real-time scanning at the gateway
Implementing intelligent logging at a level that is enough to trace back the attack
Tracing Intrusions, if any, and analyzing them in detail to take corrective measures to harden the security infrastructure
Maintaining detailed documentation of the filter (router and proxy) configurations.
Experience flawless protection and utmost security with IT Security; keep your data confidential with data security and data management.