iSecure-Securing from Endpoint to Cloud



Securing from endpoint to cloud:


One of the reputed clients of TabTree is a construction company who were planning for a 3 crore advertising campaign for 3 months for lead generation. Protecting intellectual property (data) is a key concern for them since the available leads database holds the most sensitive information of potential clients. The damage and distress caused by its loss would be uncompensable. So, they least expected their database being sold to a competitor/ outsider by internal malpractice. Therefore, it is vital that organizations of these sector make sure their data protection practices are adequate.

This construction company being a TabTree’s customer is at the vanguard of this iSecure revolution with policies for data loss prevention. “We deal with a  highly sensitive data like competitor database and bidding information, therefore it is vital for us to make sure that our customer’s data are intact and data protection practices are adequate. The intervention of TabTree saved the campaign and crores of our money”, the words of company’s CEO.

iSecure- Security with reliability:


TabTree’s iSecure makes use of various technologies like ADS, DLP, UTM devices and makes it easier to identify, track, and secure sensitive data. We help you keep your data confidential with data security and data management.

“iSecure helped us identify our security loopholes and potential area of data loss.”, says the CISO of the organization. He also added, ”iSecure also aided us to monitor the movement of confidential data across their internal organization and ensure an even greater degree of confidence in the data.”

Auditing and Understanding security loopholes:


The words of Technical lead,  “Another key advantage of iSecure is the seamless integration into our current environment. iSecure safeguards us  from simple threat gateway to universal security policies. It strikes just the right balance between giving staff the freedom to work and locking down confidential information.”

“iSecure provided us with the visibility and clear understanding of the confidential data. iSecure made us aware of: ‘How much and what type of confidential information is exiting the network? Who has access to it? And what network protocols carry the most violations?-It helped us framing the apt security policies to proactively secure data and prevent confidential data from leaving the enterprise.

Comprehensive & complete protection:


“TabTree initially audited the entire network and gave a detailed analysis report of data exposure to internal and external data breaches and  also a quantitative assessment of actual data loss risk across the network, web applications, and endpoints. This assessment was really an eye-opener and stimulated us to go ahead with the iSecure(data loss prevention) project.”, says the IT Head.

“We experienced complete security at every stage with antivirus, antispyware, desktop firewall, intrusion prevention, device and application control, and network access control”, proclaims the techie.

“We looked at numerous technologies, but TabTree offered the best deal for us. The blend of potential cost savings and the quality of the integrated security technologies as a single solution made us go for TabTree’s iSecure ” says the company manager.

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