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Extend your network securely


Companies have changed the way they conduct business. One of our clients with 35 branches all over India is into Pharmaceutical business, have their head office in Chennai and maintained a centralized account there.As their workforce is mobile and global,  they found it critical to equip a highly secure, cost- effective solution to extend their network to branch offices, customers, and partners. They looked for protecting the privacy and integrity of all information with a flexible, versatile, and simple solution to manage.

Monitoring all the branches was a real challenge for them. They also had to face problems with instant update of their invoices  and reports in their login. They were repeatedly challenged by a 45 day process delay, leading to an outstanding of 180 crores. They found it difficult to maintain the  wide area network server, since it has its own problems like increased hardware requirement and connection problems.

Choosing the best way to connect


TabTree’s iConnect solution offered them the suitable way for remote access that helped them improve their productivity, business efficiency and their prevailing peace of mind.

“The benefit about TabTree’s iConnect emerged when it helped in creating a live efficient process which brought the total outstanding down by 40% in just 90 days.”,says the Manager of the company.

“When you really need to protect the privacy and integrity of all information shared among the network branches with a flexible, versatile and simple solution, go for iConnect. It enhances the fast access of resources within the network and also limits the liability about information security.”,proclaims the Network Engineer.

“iConnect prevented us from financial loss, helping us with instant  access to our branch office data.”, says the General Manager of the enterprise. He also added that,” With iConnect solution I feel privileged with instant updation of invoices in my login and  with reports on attendance of every single employee of all remote branches. I  can also monitor the branch activities with live CCTV  status.”

This made us overwhelmed


“ We looked for an instant and safe network extension, since we are into a business where our precision matters a lot. It became obvious to seek a  solution which would aid us non-stop service. TabTree’s iConnect was definitely a better option and their readiness for service made the decision extremely easy.”, proclaimed the MD.

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