Do you know?

500 visitors at the same time might be enough to make your site slow or even your web server crash.

Be “ABLE” to identify the outages before your customer gets affected

Making your website reliABLE- availABLE- reachABLE (24*7) is the mantra behind this.

Being ABLE

Monitoring aids you all the way to achieve this.But simple knowledge of your up and down time records and performance statuses does not favor you in anyway. Nevertheless, isn’t it a hassle feel to keep on watching your website for downtime? Stay cool; we do it for you! Yes, the either way to deal with these outage issues is our iAlerts monitoring service.



iAlerts is an agent less monitoring service that checks your websites and servers continuously. It alerts you when there is an outage or disruption.The alerts may be via SMS, email, voice phone calls, chat or some social network interaction based on the severity.You can also customize the frequency of receiving these alerts.

As the information brought by website monitoring service is mostly urgent and of crucial importance, the suitable alert should meet the correct person at correct time. iAlerts automatically escalates such alert notification to the right person, until the outage issue gets resolved. You will also be notified when your website becomes available again.

Never to false reports:

You can have a blind faith on our i-alerts service as it is highly precise, in the way; we filter out false alerts by double checking downtime from other geographic locations within seconds using our industry leading outage confirmation process.An alert is sent only when the error or a connection failure is identified by more than one monitoring locations. So, even if you get an alert in the midnight, you can take it as gospel and can carry forward your measures to resolve the issue. You can be cocksure of the alerts given when we detect an outage. We never ever miss one, as checks go around every 60 seconds.This helps you identify the root cause of the disruption and so that you can rectify the issue at an earlier stage.

This peppy tone does not end here; it perks out even more with REPORTS. You can get daily, weekly, monthly or even scheduled (you can customize it) reports. iAlerts manage reports for your website status, performance, webpage response time, up and downtime, traffic hit, etc. Moreover, you can also have the downtime history for your future reference. Happy Monitoring with iAlerts!!!