Running your business with concerns over Performance, Security, Status & availability of IT assets will be a  real challenge for you when you are into a business with multiple retail outlets/Branches. For any business, more system uptime speaks out more profits. So, beyond managing and tracking all the systems you are in need of ensuring cent percent system uptime. Make it possible with iWatch!!

iWatch makes your business life a lot simpler by taking care of much of your IT maintenance on your behalf. By automating checks and alerts, automatically approving critical patches, and taking care of routine tasks like system restarts and cleaning out temp files, iWatch has its own beneficial features that keep your data secure, intact and monitored.

iWatch aids you control all your computers found in your office and remote branches from a single point. iWatch being a Remote Monitoring and management Service for desktop is an exclusive managed service for an organization having multiple branches and retail outlets.With iWatch, you can control all activities made daily by personnel with its easy and safe use and you can take a historical report.


Reduce IT costs and complexities while improving efficiencies with iWatch

TabTree’s iWatch is a magic spell now to automate your regular desktop management routines. It gives you the control of your systems & data which is the need of the hour, like managing system uptime to antivirus status, installing patches, distributing software, managing assets, and software, Managing software licenses and asset warranty, managing software usage statistics, taking control of remote desktops, and more. It supports managing both Windows and Mac operating systems.The benefits of iWatch that stand to speak and express are:

  • Daily Reports on
    • Antivirus Status
    • Antispyware Status
    • System status (uptime, downtime, ON-time)
    • Drive Space Change
    • Failed Login Attempts
    • Hard disk Status
    • Vulnerability Checks & Alerts
    • Critical Windows Services


 Be informed about what your personnel is doing during the day.

  • Automated OS migrations
  • Web protection (Block Insecure sites)
  • Web Filtering Management (Block / Allow)
  • Track Web Bandwidth Usage
  • Reports on Browsed & blocked requests
  • Detailed report on internet usage
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Asset and inventory tracking
  • Patch Management


Reduce IT complexity with proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, and remote management. iWatch helps you know about

  • Managed Antivirus
  • Installed Software List
  • Software License Report
  • Modified Hardware List
  • Branch wise Asset details
  • Asset Warranty details
  • Data breach risk intelligence


Improve efficiencies and reduce costs with intelligent Monitoring and management system –iWatch.