One of our Premier client who are into software development with more than 75 employees, have their enterprise in the heart of Chennai. Their programming codes, Developed Applications and key database have been their biggest asset. Protecting the data is of utmost importance to them. They had no reason to risk losing their data worth of 24 crores.

During the Chennai floods tragedy, many organizations kicked out their buckets in their business world and were helpless as they lost their key Data. This organization was also certain to lose decades of data and business assets when the flood washed away their servers. But they did flourish as the same reputable organization ever before, even after the recent Chennai floods. Know it how now.

 iBackit –free from data loss

TabTree’s iBackit robust backup solution helps you to protect your critical development files and accounts data. With 3-2-1 strategy of backup, iBackit stands out with online and offline (either on-site or off- site) backups.

“iBackit solution from TabTree helped us save our data and prevented us losing our entire business assets. It’s because of our files backed up in the cloud, we are still into business.”, says the CEO of the company.

“iBackit helps me access my files whenever and wherever required. This prevents me sticking myself to my workplace system and now I can work anywhere and anytime I wish”, says the organizational employee.


iBackit –Time and effort saver

The words of the technical engineer be like, “iBackit saves a lot of time, since we are free to choose the  required backup methodology, rather than backing up an entire volume every time. Also, the reports on backup help us know the perfect time to do  backups. The customization option on backup type and time, keeps us hassle free with backups.”

“TabTree’s iBackit solution provides us 100 GB cloud backup space at very affordable cost. This service eradicated our worries on data availability, space and cost”, says the IT manager.


Easy restoration with iBackit

With iBackit, the backups are reliable and restores are cent percent successful. “iBackit has made our job easier with alerts on backup success and failures. This has saved my effort a lot, since before trying iBackit I keep on checking for backup completion every morning. But, now only a very little manual effort is involved. The data recovery is also simple from cloud with iBackit, which would take several hours manually from CDs and backup tapes”, says the Technical lead.

“With iBackit we have backups which are really reliable, scalable. It is also more comprehensive and an affordable business solution to deal with. No worries about data loss, since iBackit takes complete care of.”,says the CEO with triumph.

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