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Do You Know?


About 43 percent of businesses experienced a data breach in 2014.

How vulnerable are you?


These days, there are more ways than ever for confidential data and intellectual property to leak out of an enterprise. As information infrastructures and the internet have become more complex and larger, there is an increased challenge to maintain and protect your network  from hackers. Evolving threat landscapes are in their rapid pace demanding smarter and responsive managed security services. But enterprises fail to understand the risks and critical issues of security. When a data breach does occur, enterprises find themselves dumb with the knowledge about their sensitive data.

There are ample chances of any network element  being exposed to attack by an insider or outsider as the case may be. Each element in our network can be an attack point; we have servers (mail, application, proxy, operating system server), workstations, wireless infrastructure, people, network points, routers, email, storage devices and more. An abuse any of these elements can potentially compromise whole network security. Users with privileged access can imperil the availability and integrity of the enterprise and expose critical network resources to both internal and external breaches.

You might be even unaware that your system with an internal database and critical data is compromised by an outsider or a dishonest employee. Your servers either being remote or in cloud also have the chances of data  hacks. Your website and web applications are also prone to a breach.

These vulnerabilities require security patches/ service packs/ hotfixes to fill out these loopholes. Sticking to the particular security platform or dictated course of action never helps you stay ahead of these security threats. A little weakness in any one system can make all the security efforts useless.

Time to rebuild your security policy


You might have some basic security setup which can monitor many types of data leaks but it won’t identify the sensitive data, where it is located, how it should be protected, who can have access to those critical files and who should be given maximum authentication and the one to be limited with minimum privileges.

Always keep in mind security is not just a matter of buying software to protect systems and deploying them as instructed. Whereas, security is an ongoing process that advances every day in a new vertical. An effective security strategy should cover all bases and also be economically viable. It should help you identify, track, manage and secure your sensitive data from the endpoint to cloud. So safeguard your IT infrastructure with a flexible and reliable security policy.


How Tabtree can help you?


Leave it to Tabree. TabTree’s iSecure solution helps you stay ahead of the latest threats.It begins with building a well-architected network, which not only safeguards your sensitive data but also helps in improving overall operational efficiencies. iSecure aims at protecting you against the breaches, with your business and technology requirements in mind.